Monday, February 9, 2009


Yesterday my dad became the 1st counselor fo the Stake Presidency. I feel a little sad for my dad. He has complained for over a year that every weekend he has something planned he has had to cancel it because of a camp out or something going on with the ward. He has been Bishop for the last 5 years, and was hoping to get released and have his weekends to himself. I hope with this calling he will beable to have a little more time to do the fun things in life.

I am so excited that my dad was asked to be a part of the Stake Presidency he will do an excellent job. I have heard from members of our ward that they cried all day long because they are no longer having there amazing bishop. I great experience that happened this weekend is a couple in our ward have not been active for 10+ years. Elder kakuchi (sorry the spelling) came for Stake Conference and asked to meet if 5 families from the stake. They asked for each bishop to come up with 2 names of their ward. My dad sent in 4 names and of the 5 families 2 where from our ward. One of the families had a private meeting with Elder Kakuchi and my dad. They taled about the life style they have been living and was told he was going to get a special blessing that his body would reject smoking. That his body would no longer like smoking (he has struggle for many years trying to stop). Elder kakuchi went on to talk about getting sealed in the temple and told them he wanted them sealed no later then September of this year. This couple had not even thought about that in a long time. They told him they would as long as he attend the sealing. Eder Kakuchi being the great leader he is told them that if they followed his cousnseling and change there lifestyle that he would sealed them himself. They are so excited and working really hard to get sealed

It was so excited to see both sides of this story. They went to every meeting the Stake had this weekend and even got to sit front row at Conference. I can't wait to see them go through the temple and be sealed for time and all eternity. I am so greatful for the dad i have who is so in tune to the spirit. I believe that this all came about because of what a great man he is. I am sad that he is no longer bishop and my kids wont see him on the stand everyweek, but know that our stake will be greatly blessed because he is part of the stake president.


Katie and Corby said...

Your little boys are so cute. They have gotten so big. I am glad I found your blog. hope all is well.

Frazier Family said...

Your dad is a great man. He is someone I have looked up to for almost 15 years now since Katie and I played together. No matter how busy he was, he always made every game and almost every practice. When I think of him as bishop though I can't help, but think about the time a lady from your ward fell in a construction hole and wanted the bishop (your dad) to come help her out. Great guy!

Riana Grace said...

i found you!!