Wednesday, March 11, 2009


A little up date on what i have been up too lately. I haven't been able to post pictures for a long time because i didn't have a computer to upload pictures. Bart finally got one of them working so i am so happy. I have been cooped up inside with the boys now all winter and wanting spring so bad. There was a couple days of warm weather that we played outside and now everyday i get all dressed to run outside and the boys complain that it is too cold. Kaydon has also been really sick lately and so i have tried to get them well so that when this good weather comes we can go outside. He is also starting to talk a little bit. It has been so frustrating for him not to be talking. He has his own language that i don't understand but luckily he is a smart kid and can either get what he wants or guide me to what he wants. He likes to yell MOM, MOM over and over again while tapping me on the shoulder. He isn't even 2, i can be looking him in the eyes but until i say yes kaydon he wont say or do anything but MOM, MOM.
Kolton is the same old Kolton. He is always doing something he is not supposed to be doing. Screaming like a little girl or being the most lovable boy there can be. He hates to sleep. He has been waking up at 6:30 in the morning ready to play. I got him the other morning climbing up our bookcases. He got it big trouble. If he would have climbed up the other bookcase i know it would have fallen. He is in preschool and learning all his letters. He can write everyones name in the house and we are working on his last name. To many straight lines, it confuses him.
Bart has been really busy at work, and has now picked up a second job. Luckily the second job came looking for him and will work with his schedule. He can pretty much work whenever he wants and get paid between 20-25 a hour. I know there was a blessing to why i was turned down from 1-800 contacts. He has also been playing xbox like no other. I started calling my self the widow wife of an xbox addicted husband. But all in all he is a wonderful husband and tries to help out as much as his tried buddy allows him.
I can not wait until next week. I find out if i made it into Swiss Days. It is a big money maker and we really need this. I have heard that most people who are sellers at this event make at least 7k in one weekend. If i can keep up on the demand. My apron business came to a hault after christmas but the trade shows are starting back up so i am hoping that i am able to start selling again. I have been busy sewing fun things for friends and family. I just love sewing, and can't wait to learn techniques. I can not wait until we can move out of my parents basement and into our own home. We are a ways away from that but every month we get closer and closer. I have also been working out at the gym 4 times a week. It has been frustrating. I haven't lost any wieght but i have gained muscle. I am more toned and have more energy to run with the kids. I have a goal to run a half marathon this year. I am up to 4 miles and have 9 more to go. Wish me luck.

What i have been up too lately!!!!

I Have always enjoyed sewing and sewing a rag blanket for my sister in-law out of this animal print also with purple elephant print and a green poka dot. Well at the baby shower she several of these cute blankets that are just 2 pieces of flannel sewn together with a decorative stitch around the sides binding it together. It turned out so cut that i did matching burp clothes.My mother in-law for my birthday gave me classes on how to use your sewing machine. Yes i have had my machine for 2 years now but never took the class to learn what my machine does. I was so excited. It was a 4 week class every saturday and i learned so much about my machine and also about sewing. I learned that my machine will do names. The letters on the burp cloth is as big as it gets but it is still really cute.

I made theese 2 burp clothes for my sister in-law to match the rag quilt i made for her.

My friend Randi told me almost 2 years ago that i could make theese burp clothes and sell them cheaper then the boutiques and it took me 2 years of moving those stupid cloth diapers from room to room before i decided i can do this. They turned out so cute. The fabric in the center is Flannel. I am going to start expanding my creative mind and think of different things to do with these new cute burp clothes.

This is the matching blanket and burp cloth that started me on everything. If i ever get a girl she is going to be so spoiled. i am now trying to figure out a cute way to get the blanket to attach to the infant car seat. As soon as i get it down i will post to show all.

This is the cuttest stitch for this frabric. It is a little blurry but it is swirly. It makes the blanket even that more cute.

Kolton's New hair cut

Kolton decided that while telling me he was going to the bathroom that he wanted to look like daddy. If youlook closely there is no hair. He used Barts neck hair trimmer so it was completley bald. I tried to get mad at him and he said "Mommy i just wanted to look like Daddy" how do you get mad at that

He actually likes the feel of his scalp. Everyone in our ward rubs his head every sunday and Kolton loves it. He keeps asking me to cute it again.