Thursday, December 18, 2008

First time in Snow

I finally got my Christmas TREE!!!
I have been begging Bart for 2 weeks for a tree and he told me if i keep the house clean i can get one, so i took him up on the challenge. We got a real one this year. I love the smell of the tree and i should be able to keep it alive for 1 week. Now we just need to find the ornaments .

Kolton in the snow for the first time. Shoveling the walks with Aunt She She and Dad.

Kaydon has a little bit of a cold so i didn't let him go outside but he did get to watch from the window. It was really cute. He wanted to be out there so bad. Maybe next time
Bart tried scaring Kaydon by throwing a snowball at the window but it didn't work he just laughed.

Cousin Claire decided to come and play as well but she only lasted a min. or so. Then she wanted inside with a cup of hot chocolate.

I miss the Arizona winter weather. I hate snow so bad and i am going to be home bound for the next few months because of the snow. I am trying everything i can to get a bigger car so i don't have to have white nuckles when i take and pick Kolton up from School.

Train Ride

We have some friends who have a real train that runs through 10 house properties, so only let family and friends on it this year. We were lucky enough to get to go. I actully didn't get to go with them i had a dinner date with some friends and needed quality time alone with no husband or kids. It looked like a lot of fun.

Here is Bart and boys in front of the trian...

They even have a Santa inside one of the houses that tells the kids the meaning of christmas and a small story.

Kaydon with Santa

Kolton with Santa

Belated Thanksgiving

Every year our family does a nativity using all the grandkids. Every year it gets bigger.
Kolton's favorite cousin. Had so much fun with him during Thanksgiving dinner. My new favorite picture of the 2 of us. We actually both look really good. We had a wonderful thanksgiving with my family. We had cousins in from Cali. who are never here during the holidays. We also got up the next morning at was at Joanns at 4:30 am it was really hard but it was really worth it.